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Difference Between Poor Performance And Misconduct
The Difference Between Poor Work Performance And Misconduct
The difference between poor work performance and misconduct

Many employers confuse poor performance with misconduct and vice versa. This can only mean that these employers are not dealing with poor performance…

When, How And Why A Drunk Employee Can Be Dismissed
When, how and why a drunk employee can be dismissed

If an employee returns to the office or work premises after a Friday lunch, drunk, what should the employer do?…

Employee Theft In The Workplace
Employee theft in the workplace

If an employee is stealing, the employer has two options regarding the theft. It is advisable to formulate the allegation…

Constructive Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal

Employers and employees alike are sometimes confused about what constitutes a constructive dismissal. Employees in particular have a very wrong…

Difference Between Poor Performance And Misconduct Drunk Employee Workplace Theft Constructive Dismissal
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LabourMan is a Cape Town based labour management consultancy that has been established to provide an extensive variety of labour law services to South African businesses, on a national basis, in a wide range of industries. Our team of labour attorneys and labour practitioners will assist you and your business by providing you with the appropriate advice and guidance in managing your labour issues including negotiations and strike management. Our objective is to maintain a professional standard in our comprehensive legal and labour law services.

LabourMan’s focus is to provide hands on mediation and labour law services in the employment relationship between employers and employees, including trade unions as well as representation in litigations at the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Court.

Our aim is to inform, advise and facilitate as well as educate businesses in the application, protection and enforcement of their labour and legal rights in the broad sense.

The Labour Specialists
Labour Consultants and Attorneys
Disciplinary Hearings And CCMA Representation
Disciplinary Hearings and CCMA Representation

At LabourMan Consultants we provide our clients with unlimited consultations with our attorneys and consultants. We specialise in the representation..

Trade Union Representation And Strike Negotiation
Trade Union Representation and Strike Negotiation

Our members do not have to get involved with trade unions, because we conduct all negotiations with unions on behalf of our clients and members..

Labour Contracts & Documentation
Labour Contracts & Documentation

By joining LabourMan Consultants, you will have unlimited access to all the necessary specialised advice pertaining to labour contracts and employment..